Shane O’Curry

Shane O'Curry (ENAR Ireland)

.… even people from majority communities suffer because of hate crime"

Shane O’Curry, ENAR Ireland

Why do you care?

I care because I care about society. I want a good life for everybody. I think that hate crimes tear society apart. It does not only damage lives, it also damages communities and society and it has impacts way beyond those that we can measure in terms of everybody’s lives, even people from majority communities suffer because of hate crime. Inequality and bias beget inequality and bias. We have to create a positive, an inclusive and a conducive society and then we need to address hate crime once and for all.

What would be needed for the implementation of a victim centred approach in your national context?

More resources need to be put into giving a voice to people who are victims of a hate crime so that their perspectives and experiences can be heard and acknowledged by broader society. Their needs should be put in the centre of finding solutions to hate crime in general.

What do you think is the added value of the Facing Facts! initiative?

The synergies that you find by bringing people from different perspectives together and by the desire to establish commonalities in reporting practices and standards and the holistic inclusivity of the whole project. It is like a microcosm of the type of society that we are imagining.