Paul Iganski

Paul Iganski

It is about rights and human dignity”

Paul Iganski, criminologist from Lancaster University focusing on hate crimes

Why do you care?

It is about rights and human dignity. I am a criminologist, but I primarily work on hate crime and for me this is a political enterprise with a small “p”. I think that hate crime is a human rights problem, we have got lots of violations of human rights going on here and around the world and on a persistent basis. This is wrong and that is why I care.

What would be needed for the implementation of a victim centred approach in your national context?

I could go around about that for hours but I won’t. For me the straightest and shortest answer would be: we should involve victims at all levels of criminal justice processes through victim support and involvement in policy processes. The voices of the victims are important and they should not be marginalized in the process at all official levels.

What do you think is the added value of the Facing Facts! initiative?

I think Facing Facts! occupies an important role of bringing various agencies together, not only official state agencies and cross-national agencies, but also NGOs. It is very well placed to do that kind of work. It also cuts across different hate crime strands. It does not only focus on racism and antisemitism and I think this is very needed in Europe. In the UK, there are umbrella organisations that focus on racism, homophobic, and transphobic hate crime and from what I see, Facing Facts works across those strands and brings people together and I think it is a very important role.