European Conferences

Facing Facts!'s multi-stakeholder apporach has proven to be particularly effective in all the european meetings and events that the project convened over the years. The combination of interactive and participatory methods, thus the joint efforts of partners and key stakeholders have made possible the organization of a series of events that marked important milestones for the project's milestones. 

Click on the images below to know more about our coming soon and past events. 

Facing all the Facts, Multi-media conference, Brussels 2018

Facing all the Facts, project's launch at GOOGLE

Facing Facts Forward, European Conference, Brussels 2015 Facing Facts 2.0  IGOs conference, Budapest 2013


Facing Facts! NGOs Forum to combat hate crime, Brussels 2013 Facing Facts! Hate crime affect us all hearing, London 2012



Facing all the Facts! is co-ordinated by CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe.

For more information about any aspect of the project please contact CEJI's Community Affair Coordinator Melissa Sonnino


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