Clara Grosset

Clara Grosset

Make sure to know what the victims want. Make sure we care about the victims”

Clara Grosset, Open Society Foundations
Facing Facts! is a project supported by the Open Society Foundations.

Why do you care?

Because first of all hate crime is a crime, it is discriminatory on various grounds and I care because it affects some people more than others. I care about the idea of recording and reporting because I think it is important to document the crime that actually happened if you want to find ways to address this issue.

What would be needed for the implementation of a victim centred approach in a pan-European context?

Make sure to know what the victims want. Make sure we care about the victims. A greater cooperation between the various stakeholders and in particular cooperation between the various international governmental organisations that tend to have different guidelines and working parties. The idea would be to bring them together to make sure that their efforts are not duplicated. CSOs should establish common practices and methodology so that their efforts are not duplicated either. Have systematic reporting of hate crimes.

What do you think is the added value of the Facing Facts! initiative?

It brings various communities together. It is not only about racist crimes, it is also about crimes targeting disabled people or crimes related to sexual orientation. CEJI has become a bridge between CSOs and international governmental organisations. Facing Facts Forward is an important networking event that allows people to know who they can reach out to and to know what is being done in other organisations and in other countries. CSOs can share their different approaches and projects and ask themselves how they can move forward together.