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Facing Facts! is a civil society initiative that aims to improve the recognition and recording of (and responses to) hate crime and hate speech at national level and beyond by working across civil society and public authorities.

Latest News

Facing Facts! and eMORE's contribution to the Brussels-based React to Racism campaignRespect dans ma ville, respect en ville (Respect in my city, respect online) will be launched on the 5th February with a training for volunteers on hate speech. 

The majority of internet users have witnessed or been a victim of online harassment. It is time to stand up against hatred and take action! The Facing Facts course on online hate speech provides the perfect opportunity. For a detailed course description, click here.

Facing all the Facts has officially started October 15th! The Facing Facts team an the partners all are eager to work on this new exciting phase of the project.

The highly successful Facing Facts training has been transformed into two online courses on identifying, monitoring and countering hate crime and hate speech.

On December 7th, 10 international experts met in Brussels to develop contents for the new Facing Facts online course on hate crime for national decision-makers and influencers

Join your peers from all over Europe and beyond to learn how to identify, monitor and counter hate crime, with support from experienced tutors and practitioners in the field! Sign up now! Registration closes November 10Th 

CEJI is pleased to announce the recent partnership with the EU funded project eMORE aiming to gain a greater understanding of the phenomena of hate speech online.

Last week Facing Facts convened in Rome representatives of Italian law enforcement, Ministry of justice, Equality body and CSOs to improve the recognition and recording of hate crime in Italy.